The Desirability of the Use of Technology to Prevent Social Isolation of Older Adults


As life expectancy has increased, more older adults are experiencing social isolation, which can increase the risk of several negative effects on their health. The use of technology by older adults can support the prevention of social isolation by enabling them to be proactive and motivated to establish human interactions with relatives and friends. This paper explores and presents the results of a survey administered to 74 people from the Centre for Independent Living NI (CILNI) to identify the prevalence of social isolation in Northern Ireland, and the desirability to use technology to prevent it. This paper also introduces an upcoming trial into the use of technology for the prevention of social isolation for older adults living alone.

In Proceedings - Digital Technology and Older People - Facilitating and Encouraging Safe and Fun Adoption. 32nd BCS Human Computer Interaction Conference (HCI2018)
Matias Garcia-Constantino
Lecturer in Computer Science

My research interests include Data Analysis, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Human-Computer Interaction and Network Science. matter.